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i adored my weekend home.

im still completely shocked, however, that its been almost 3 years and a certain person STILL has not gotten over me.
im kinda glad shit went down saturday....only see people can truly realize how INSANE you and your girlfriend are.

i wanna move to kanawha city.
i want megan to move down here.
i think its a possibility.

tonight is gonna be amazing.

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apparently being honest is the wrong thing to do.

DO NOT ask me a question following it with BE HONEST...when i had no other intention but to be just that...HONEST.

if you didnt wanna know the answer to something...you shouldve never asked.

youre the one that left.
im the one who didnt give a second chance.
what would be the point ?
youre the exact same person you were before we even met.
running away from everything because its 'easier'.

now all you wanna do is talk shit on me saying im a slut because i told you i did like someone and i need medication to live my life.
actually you made me grow the fuck up and learn to respect myself and my body and NO i dont need medication to live my life...or i would still be on it now wouldnt i ???
youre 27 yeard old acting 16.
dont try and tell me im childish.

im getting back to my normal self.
as in...i have no one telling me who can and cant hang out with.
i like not having to give a detailed report of what im doing every second.
i like being able to wear clothes that i think are cute and not hear dumb ass comments.

i went to see murphys law in cleveland on tuesday.
they are my favorite live band of all time.
i got to see meg who i have not seen in over a year.

im very torn on what to do about a certain situation.

JAMIE - my number is 304 932 8014

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i feel like i cant express myself anymore without being ridiculed.

saves the day is still my most favorite band of all time.
reminds me of when i was 16.
and i like that.

i have my paintball shit on may 10th.
pretty excited and super scared of getting blasted by a paintball.

im wearing a size 10 today.
i feel fuckin awesome.
i weigh 167.
7 more pounds to my goal !